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Market Intelligence for Smarter Decisions

Self-storage properties and portfolios, multifamily developments, retail centers, hospitality facilities that range from limited service hotels to luxury resorts…BSC Group experts can provide access to debt and equity lending and refinancing for any commercial property type.

Our fresh thinking comes from being in the capital markets on a daily basis where we measure volatility, identify loan program options, and communicate with financing sources to determine active lenders and their terms.  We then deliver this market intelligence to clients so you can make smarter financing decisions.

The BSC Group’s start-to-finish mortgage brokerage solutions include:

  • Conducting analyses of the borrower’s property operations and credit history

  • Preparing pro-forma operating budgets for presentation to lenders

  • Presenting loan request packages to multiple financing sources

  • Providing borrowers with step-by-step support throughout the closing process to negotiate lending terms and rates, and ensure a successful transaction

Financial data on a monitor. Finance dat
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