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Expert Guidance

Among the lessons we’ve learned from providing Self Storage Financing solutions for more than 25 years is that you must establish realistic expectations with clients of what the markets can deliver.

The BSC Group’s financial advisory services follow a fundamental premise: With real expectations come real results. This means we:

  • Help clients understand the current and future leverage capacity of their property investments

  • Analyze the true value of properties so that inflated perceptions do not cloud rational decisions

  • Advise owners and investors on current market conditions and lending options throughout the capital stack

  • Help clients foresee the future so they can most effectively create long-term real estate investment strategies

The BSC Group does not deal in distortions that can impair vision and judgment. Instead, we offer experienced counsel driven by market realities that clients can turn to time and again to establish realistic financial expectations and, very importantly, achieve real results.

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