Loan Assumption

Loan assumptions are not a new concept; as the capital markets have evolved during the last 15 years, however, they have certainly grown in complexity. In today’s marketplace, there is oftentimes additional leverage to be gained in a transaction since the existing loan balance may meet or exceed the debt available given the new lending paradigm.

The BSC Group’s loan assumption services focus on unlocking asset value by maximizing a qualified borrower’s leverage. Working in partnership with clients, we:

  • Analyze property acquisition financing needs
  • Structure the loan presentation to increase a client’s borrowing leverage
  • Deliver expertise and advice that support a successful closing

While in days past the concept of “simple assumable loans” was commonplace, today’s complex market environment requires more than simple answers. The BSC Group’s loan assumption solutions are driven by our direct capital market relationships, built-to-suit financing expertise, and relentless analysis of options that can maximize a client’s leverage.


With our proven experience, entrepreneurial nature and direct capital source relationships, the BSC Group partners with clients to procure capital and solve financial challenges that include loan workouts, discounted payoffs, note sales and loan assumptions.

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